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Rebates and Beyond

December 10th 7 pm CT

A webinar that teaches you how to unlock the potential of rebate apps for YOU!


You might think you already know what there is to know about rebates:

The apps are too hard to use. Rebate apps require one extra click! Easy as pie.
The amount of money you save doesn't add up to anything substantial. I have over $1000 in rebates under my belt!
Those rebate apps are a total scam! They are completely legitimate and my savings are here to prove it ;)
My financial information is at risk. Payouts happen through trusted sources like PayPal or a physical check in your mailbox.
It takes too much time to use the apps. When I say that most of them are one extra click, I mean it!
I have to buy weird brands to get the rebates. You can pick and choose your rebates. No need to switch brands, rebates are aplenty.
Once you get the hang of using them, rebate apps are totally worth the extra click.
Woman cooking lunch
A visit to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Got a rebate!

Mother with son baking
A round of golf

Got a rebate!

Couple making dinner
This Raptor that made me the coolest Mom EVER

Got a rebate!

Mother with son baking
Couple making dinner
Would you let these coupons pass you by if they were hanging in the store? These savings are just waiting for you to take advantage of them. Every shopping trip that you don't is just money down the drain!

Making money from your couch is attainable, especially when you're doing all of your shopping online anyway. If you want to make money back on the things that you already buy anyway (read: groceries, fun, and services you need) then fill out the form below.

My Rebates and Beyond Webinar will be packed full of information that teaches you exactly how to make the rebate apps work for you. You've got my word! I can't wait to see you there.

Why should you listen to me? 


Well, I'm Alison Rodden and I LOVE rebates. In fact, I try my darndest not to purchase a single thing that doesn't give me a rebate. 

Of course, I didn't always know about them or operate like this. I used to spend too much money on things I bought every day (just like you are doing right now!) until my sister-in-law introduced me to Ibotta. See, I was looking for a hotel room on all the usual hotel websites and was struggling to find a rate that made sense. Then, my sister-in-law piped in that she just found a great room and that she went through her app, Ibotta, to get a killer price.

What?! What is this craziness and how do I use it? I want that price too! Is it legitimate? A big pain in the rear to use? I had to find out.

Now here I am, over $1000 richer (last year alone) from rebates and want to shout from the rooftops just how legitimate they are.

I want to help you overcome the learning curve and integrate rebates into your daily shopping habits so that you can save money on the things you already buy, too!

Vacations, car repairs, home improvement, groceries, gifts... the sky is the limit. You just have to unlock it.


So join me for a FREE webinar that teaches you exactly how to become just as rebate-savvy as I am and put money back in your pocket TODAY.



"When Alison showed me how to use the rebates I was very hesitant because I felt like it was one more thing and an added task to my plate.  However, I tried it and it was SO EASY and I was saving money doing what I was already doing.  Every time I shop for things I am already getting, I am saving money.  I love watching it all add up!  Alison has been instrumental in helping me understand how to use the apps but also extremely helpful in showing me new ways to save extra money without the extra work. " - Shira Nelson

"I am so glad that Alison showed me how to use Ibotta! I was concerned it would be another task added to my to-do list or would end up being another app taking up space on my phone, but it’s super easy to use. I’ve been surprised at all of the money I’m getting back from everyday items we purchase." - Anna Bolte